Me with my favorite live Santa Barbara sea urchin from @seastephaniefish

Hi👋. I'm Brenda!
I created this site to share my phở recipe that's taken me almost a year to write up. That said, don't expect me to regularly post here 😆. 
If you stumbled onto this page, you probably know me as @nerb. And yes, people really do call me that. Honestly, I'm better at talking about food compared to talking about myself, but I know you're all dying to learn more about who @nerb is 🤪, so... 
⭐ I'm a home cook 🔪. I love the entire process of cooking. From learning about a dish to making it from scratch to satisfy both my cultural knowledge and appetite. I enjoy sourcing ingredients and conceptualizing what I'm going to cook to how I'm going to visually best represent it on a plate.
⭐ I'm a Bay Area native, born and raised in Hayward. I currently live in San Pablo with my husband Patrick and our two senior rescue dogs. The Bay Area is my home and I'll never leave it.
⭐ Patrick and I cook every day. In fact, I plan out what we're going to eat a month out in advance and have a record of everything we've ate since 2012 on our shared calendar. 
⭐ My love for cooking and Vietnamese food stems from my mom. To me, cooking is love. Mom cooked for our family every single day and made everything from scratch. Growing up with that made me appreciate all the hard work and effort a person puts into making a meal.
⭐ I'm very introverted: INTJ, Enneagram Type 3. If you really want to know what I'm like, look those up. If we're compatible, let's be friends!
⭐ I'm a digital performance marketer by profession. I run my own marketing consulting business, specializing in full-funnel paid media and demand generation.
⭐ In case you're wondering, nerb is bren backwards.

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